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My Ideal Week: Worksheet

If you’ve taken a minute to see where your time goes with the time tracker, and you’ve decided what’s important to you by drafting your important list, it’s now time to plan your ideal week. The handouts are very similar to the time tracker handouts, but they are useful just the same.

As you work through the planning of your ideal week, be sure to include your must do’s and your would-really-like-to-do’s … it won’t be perfect and things WILL come up here and there … you won’t ALWAYS follow your plan … but at least take the time to get a little more intentional with your time … I get it if this feels too rigid for you … if you need some flexibility or some room for spontaneity, leave yourself some room … but, honestly, I feel like having a schedule and some routines frees me up MORE for the things I like to do. It’s also a way to do some calendar “purging” … there’s definitely some things that WILL NOT make it into my schedule, because they’re just now important (or I’ve farmed them out to someone else … check out this post for more on this topic … if you can afford it, get help!).

Here’s a copy of MY Ideal Week (as an example):

Please note this didn’t come to fruition over night. There was A LOT of work to do to build in some of these habits and routines … it’s been YEARS in the making … there’s been a lot of baby steps along the way, usually in the form of one SMART Goal at a time … also, I think we need to acknowledge and accept the season we’re in sometimes … if we’ve just had a baby or started a new job … if we’re dealing with a medical crisis or having to care for an aging parent … it’s important to give ourselves a little grace in these times!

Here’s the My Ideal Week Worksheet for you as a PDF (just download, print, and complete):

And here’s the My Ideal Week Worksheet as a Google Sheet (to complete on your computer … just save a copy to your Google Drive and you should be able to edit).

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