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Be a Good Steward

I’ve always been a big advocate of being intentional with our time … being a good steward … if you’ve explored this blog at all or if you’ve checked out my Facebook page (Our Life Well Lived – Leanne Hintz) you’ve probably seen some of my posts on scheduling and automating, or perhaps you’ve checked out my day planner (it’s awesome!) … it’s no secret that being intentional with my time is important to me …

As I work through my latest book, Mastering Life Before It’s Too Late by Robert J. Morgan, I’ve been reminded of how “finite” our days are here on earth … I’ve been reminded not to “squander” time … but instead to capitalize on each tiny moment I’ve been given …

To quote, “We need to make the most of the odd moments while we’re waiting for an appointment, taking the train to work, stopped dead in a traffic jam, waiting for the plane to taxi to the gate, taking a coffee break, sitting in the kitchen while the microwave spins or the biscuits brown, sitting in the pew before the worship service begins.”

While Morgan’s examples may be much different than our reality (not too many of us are taking the train to work or dealing with traffic jams or flying on planes around here … at least not where I live), but we do have “wait time” for our appointments, we may have to stand in line at the post office, or the kids are at Grandma’s for the afternoon. Take advantage of these special “spare” moments!

This doesn’t mean “be busy” all of the time … instead, it might actually mean sneaking in a quick workout, doing some deep breathing, counting your blessings, doing one small thing that will benefit your “future self” (another post on the blog), writing a thank you note, checking in with your kid (or your mom), or sending a “thinking of you” text to a friend …

It’s just a matter of capitalizing on the “fragments that remain,” according to Morgan.

“Don’t let the hours flitter away and don’t toss away the moments. When you’ve invested the hours and tackled the big tasks, gather the fragments that remain, so that nothing is lost. You can do a lot with life’s spare change.”

I would add … don’t IMMEDIATELY pick up your phone, don’t jump INSTANTLY to scroll on social media, don’t be so quick to check your inbox or to flip on the TV … just take those spare moments and do something worthy … something thoughtful … something INTENTIONAL … 

The first step for finding “what remains” is to plan your ideal week … so get to it … TODAY! There are resources for this on my website too (I’d even walk you through the process if you like)! Determine what matters … and plunk it in, then take advantage of the “moments in between” … make it ALL count! 

Be a good steward of the time you’ve been given ❤️

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