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The Myth

I woke up this morning to this question on FB Messenger …   Hey, I really don’t know who else to ask. How do you balance kids, work, life, etc.? I’ve been struggling lately with balancing everything, and I think I’m failing at it all. Lol.   First, I am confronted with feelings of gratitude… Continue reading The Myth

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They’re So Capable

For years, I’ve struggled with the whole chore thing with my big girls (who are seven and five now). They’ve always required too much support to complete a task or my requests are met with resistance (so it just seems easier to do it myself) or I make a “chore” schedule and fail to stick… Continue reading They’re So Capable

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Urge to Purge

I have come to loathe hours and minutes and days that are spent on “stuff” (literally). Having spent the last week or so with just one carload of stuff for my family of five, my return to my “full” house rekindled old feelings of overwhelm and anxiousness. Much of my time over the weekend was… Continue reading Urge to Purge

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All or Nothing

In the last couple of years, after some years of complete overwhelm, I’ve been working hard to simplify things in my life, particularly when it comes to caring for the house. To do so, I’ve tried to incorporate a few little philosophies (or mantras) into my everyday life … Keep it where you need it… Continue reading All or Nothing

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My Dirty Little Secrets

Since my last baby was born, I have had two dirty little secrets. Their names are Charlie and Brianna, respectively. These two young ladies have been hired (one at a time) to come into my home and … do whatever needs doing … sweep the floor, unload the dishwasher, vacuum, look after a baby, dust,… Continue reading My Dirty Little Secrets