No Bake Energy Bites

These little morsels are a special treat for my kiddos! We usually make them if one special friend is coming over (since she is especially in love with them), but last week I whipped some of these up without said friend!

We usually stick to the basics for snacks around here: Grandma’s muffins, cheese, yogurt, and some seasonal fruit (so a lot of apples and oranges lately)!

But once in a while, we mix things up with these pb and honey energy bites! They have no sugar added, except the chocolate chips, so they feel healthy-ish (though I am aware of the sugar content in the pb too)! I love the addition of the chia seed / flax / hemp heart combo!

Saying this, I don’t actually eat these, since I aim to avoid sugar (more on that here and here if you’re interested)!

They ARE a crowd pleaser though and all three of my kids actually enjoy them (let’s be real here, how often does THAT happen?)!

Here’s the recipe I use, adapted from some online source I no longer know the name of (the original recipe had more honey), typed up by one of my kids, and laminated for us to use whenever we’re needing a little “mix up.”

Gobble! Gobble!

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