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Olio: The Sharing App

This morning I watched “The Surprising Benefits of Sharing Your Stuff” (a Ted Talk on YouTube).

Nerdy? You bet!

I LOVED IT! And now I’m here sharing it with you because I want you to get signed up so we can start sharing our stuff (or so you can start sharing stuff with others who live near you)!!!

Remember, sharing is caring!

In the Talk, Tessa Clarke reveals that food waste is the third largest producer of greenhouse gases in the world! When we throw away our food, it ends up in a landfill and it creates methane gas (contributing to climate change).

The solution Tessa came up with to combat this food waste issue was to develop an app where people can share their perfectly good food with others nearby. Going away for the weekend, and have a perfect broccoli crown in the fridge? Post it, and someone nearby can claim it. Your kids’ were in love with mixed berry oatmeal, but now suddenly can’t stand the sight of it? Post it, and someone else can enjoy a lovely bowl of oatmeal for breakfast the next day!

Rules and conditions apply, of course! Namely, items have to be picked up in a timely manner 🙂

Beyond food waste, we can also share items we no longer use with others. That espresso pot you “needed” for your birthday? Maybe someone else wants to give it a try. That coat you no longer wear, but it’s in perfectly good condition? Share it. Your toddlers close-to brand new sneakers that just aren’t selling? Give them away and make someone’s day!

Don’t have anything to give away, but you’re looking for something (and don’t want to buy brand new)? You can request items also!

The app is called: Olio! You can easily find it in the App Store or on Google Play, learn a bit more, set up your account, and we (or you) can get sharing (depending where you live, of course)!

Think of it as an “Everything Free” group on FB, but on steroids!

As George Straight says … let’s just “Give It Away” … in doing so, we’re getting a lovely dopamine hit, we’re putting perfectly good items to use, we’re reducing waste, and we’re taking care of our planet!

Sounds like a pretty good idea to me (and a lovely “addition” to selling items, donating to our local rummage bins, and the like).

I personally can’t wait to get sharing!

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