Marvellous Mondays

Marvellous Monday: Saskatchewan Wildflowers!

It’s another Marvellous Monday!

That means it’s time to share something marvellous! Head over to my Facebook Page, Our Life Well Lived – Leanne Hintz, and share your celebrations there OR comment below with something “marvellous” in your life!

Here’s my “share” of the day …

I never cease to be amazed by God’s creation. The Saskatchewan wildflowers in July are something to be revered. The diversity of “shapes” … the diversity of size … the diversity of colour … the abundance … 

On every road I travel, I often catch myself in awe of God’s bounty! 

Wildflowers in July are simply marvellous! Don’t you think?

I can’t wait to hear about what YOU find MARVELLOUS today!

Happy Monday!

#ourlifewelllived #marvellousmonday

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