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Scripture Sunday: Build Others Up

It’s Scripture Sunday!

In the last couple of months, I’ve been taking a bit of a “deeper dive” into the bible (thanks to some local friends for the encouragement to do so) … it’s been a wonderful journey so far, as I come to know and learn more and more about the God who created it all (and me) …

If you’ve been here awhile, you likely know that I have a hankering for teaching … for guiding … for influencing … for encouraging …

Thus, I want to take a minute each week to share a piece of scripture. As it has spoken (and continues to speak) to me, I trust this sharing will serve you too …

Take some time to ponder today’s verse … consider how these words from the bible might serve you today and into the week ahead … I promise I will do the same!

And, of course, if you feel a “nudge” to share, comment below OR drop me an email ( We are all blessed through the sharing!

Happy Sunday!

#ourlifewelllived #scripturesunday

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