"So Cool, Don’t Care"

“So cool, don’t care … ” The words spilled from my almost seven-year old’s lips … and as they did, I could feel my blood boil and steam shoot from my ears … what a horrible, horrible thing to say to someone! Her target? Her little sister, of course! Was Little Sister crushed? Totally!

The big sister may as well have recited a string of expletives … that’s how upset I was with her! I was so, so HURT that such cruel words would come out of my daughter’s lips. In fact, any time she is cruel, I feel heartbroken. She does not witness cruelty or meanness in her home. We are kind to one another here … we do not call names or speak nasty to one another. This isn’t to say that we don’t disagree at times … of course we do, but we are always kind!

I HATE when Big M is mean to Little M … one of my children is being mistreated … and that tends to bring out the Mama bear in me … and I do feel a bit of a ROAR coming on!!! I also HATE when one of my children is being NASTY and that tends to bring about a great sense of TERROR and FEAR to me … I hope and pray daily that I am raising a good set of humans with good values that include being kind to others.

I HATE that our influence at home is trumped by her peers’ influence at school ALREADY! She is ONLY in grade one! Undoubtedly, someone has said, “So cool, don’t care!” to Big M at some point too, and she was likely equally crushed! What a horrible thing to say to someone! I hope that my reaction (or maybe over reaction) demonstrates to my daughter that saying something like that is completely unacceptable! And the next time those words are approaching her lips, she thinks twice, and says only “Cool!” instead.

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