Use What We Have

I scrawled the words on the shower wall about a week ago now ... "Use What We Have" ... an idea that came to me for a future post ... more importantly though, the purple bathtub crayon words serve as a gentle reminder to be more resourceful and "get by" with what we have. I've… Continue reading Use What We Have

Domestic Responsibilities, Minimalism

Urge to Purge

I have come to loathe hours and minutes and days that are spent on “stuff” (literally). Having spent the last week or so with just one carload of stuff for my family of five, my return to my “full” house rekindled old feelings of overwhelm and anxiousness. Much of my time over the weekend was… Continue reading Urge to Purge

dreams, Passions

Our Life Well Lived

You see this photo? In all it’s dusty glory this little logo represents so, so many important things in my life right now. Our Life Well Lived - Leanne Hintz is a Facebook page ( and a website ( It is a goal, something for me and my family to work towards every day …… Continue reading Our Life Well Lived