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Expectations Damage

Reflection for Sunday, July 8th, 2018 Written by Rev. Jacqueline Samson, Minister of St. Stephen's United Church in Hudson Bay, Saskatchewan Gospel Reading: Mark 6: 1-13 The story of Jesus' unwelcome reception in his hometown and his instruction on how to leave an inhospitable place ... it presents us with a lesson on learning about… Continue reading Expectations Damage

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Where We Sit

Yesterday, at lunch time, I had what I would consider a really silly argument with my big girls. They were arguing AGAIN about where they were going to sit for lunch ... I have heard this argument SO MANY TIMES and frankly, I was quite IRRITATED that we were going over this same thing yet… Continue reading Where We Sit

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So I apologize if you read something similar to this before over on my Facebook page, Our Life Well Lived - Leanne Hintz ( … go check it out and give it a “Like” if you haven’t already … but I feel this is worth sharing once again. This post is about EXPECTATIONS. Go ahead… Continue reading Expectations