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Kindness, Love, and Respect

Kindness, Love, and Respect Written by Leanne Hintz November 11, 2020 Today, my husband went to the hunting shack. Under “normal” circumstances, I would have been irritated by this little get-away … jealous maybe … likely even a bit resentful …  I would have tainted the whole experience with snide remarks, withdrawing, the silent treatment,… Continue reading Kindness, Love, and Respect

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Do It Anyway!

Lately, I’ve been “hearing” the phrase “Do it anyway!” in my head (and on my heart). It’s now been 170 days since schools closed back in March. Of course, this was followed by MONTHS at home in social isolation. Summer seemed to open things back up to some extent, but social distancing is still being… Continue reading Do It Anyway!


The Importance of Meaningful Human Connection

Lately, on our down days (so the weekends and over the Christmas break), my daughter’s desires to have a playdate are VERY apparent. When things don’t work out or I resist hosting an extra child, she gets really upset. Of course, since she’s eight, she doesn’t handle her big feelings of upset in the best… Continue reading The Importance of Meaningful Human Connection

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Life is About People

I'm amazed again and again how intuitive my young children are at times ... My daughters somehow already know that life is about people. And, thankfully, they remind me about this daily (or maybe even hourly) ... As exhausting as it can be sometimes, my children yearn to be with someone all ... of ...… Continue reading Life is About People