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I Love Doing Life With You

I love doing life with you …  The words popped into my head a couple of days ago … a “regular” Saturday (whatever that means) … a day to catch up on a few extra household chores and some yard work … a day with no work or school commitments … a slower start for… Continue reading I Love Doing Life With You

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This Isn’t Normal

When “mandatory homeschooling” started for everyone back in March of this year, I felt excited at the prospect of people experiencing homeschooling for the first time. And I secretly hoped that my dream of building a tribe of alternate educators / families would come to fruition!  Homeschooling can be a lonely experience sometimes, so I… Continue reading This Isn’t Normal

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Intentional Living

With a new month upon us, I can't help but reflect on some important changes that have been made in my life and in our home in this last month. While I've been working hard on adopting some better habits (see my recent post), I've also been investing some significant effort into being a better… Continue reading Intentional Living