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I have a confession to make … I haven’t been doing all of those things that I wrote about in my last post (“Even Though”) back on April 12th … I haven’t been creating, I haven’t been reading, I haven’t been spending a whole lot of time with my kids (even though they’re in my… Continue reading Enough

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Even Though

At the beginning of all “this” (i.e. a worldwide pandemic), I took a moment to start writing down what I would want for my family during this time … as I started drafting my list (28 days ago), I realized that I had already written this list … years ago, actually.  Here’s what I wrote… Continue reading Even Though

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Intentional Living

With a new month upon us, I can't help but reflect on some important changes that have been made in my life and in our home in this last month. While I've been working hard on adopting some better habits (see my recent post), I've also been investing some significant effort into being a better… Continue reading Intentional Living