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My Things I Love (or Really, Really Like) List: Worksheet

If you've read "What Lights You Up?" you know how important I think doing what you love is ... and not just once in awhile ... but every single day ... I think sometimes we get "lost" ... we forget ... we can't quite recall ... what we love ... what lights us up ...… Continue reading My Things I Love (or Really, Really Like) List: Worksheet

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Do It Anyway!

Lately, I’ve been “hearing” the phrase “Do it anyway!” in my head (and on my heart). It’s now been 170 days since schools closed back in March. Of course, this was followed by MONTHS at home in social isolation. Summer seemed to open things back up to some extent, but social distancing is still being… Continue reading Do It Anyway!

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What’s Going to Happen?

Work before play … work before play … work before play … this concept has (somehow) been ingrained into the very core of my being … no time for fun … no fun allowed … forget about fun …  Work … work … work … oh, you’ve got some “spare” time? Get to work! Surely,… Continue reading What’s Going to Happen?