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Kindness, Love, and Respect

Kindness, Love, and Respect Written by Leanne Hintz November 11, 2020 Today, my husband went to the hunting shack. Under “normal” circumstances, I would have been irritated by this little get-away … jealous maybe … likely even a bit resentful …  I would have tainted the whole experience with snide remarks, withdrawing, the silent treatment,… Continue reading Kindness, Love, and Respect

gratitude, Growth, Self-Improvement

What Does This Experience Make Possible?

Yesterday, I had to do something that was VERY uncomfortable for me ... I had to take our kitty “Oreo” to the vet ... he was hurt (possibly hit by a vehicle?) on Saturday. He spent Sunday mostly laying around, but he was still eating and seemed to still be enjoying his brother and sister’s… Continue reading What Does This Experience Make Possible?