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“The Things I Wish I Made More Time For” Challenge

I’m not sure if you noticed or not, but I took a little break from 21-day challenges in July and August. It’s time to get up and running again though, especially since these initiatives “drum up” a variety of donations to organizations within the communities we live! It’s amazing really how the dollars stack up… Continue reading “The Things I Wish I Made More Time For” Challenge

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My Dream for 2021

Earlier this week, I published my second book of 2020, entitled The Road to Here (get your copy here). In the introduction I talk about where “here” is …  “Here” is nine months into a global pandemic … Yet ... “Here” is good …  “Here” is happy …  “Here” is content (mostly) …  “Here,” I… Continue reading My Dream for 2021

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Do It Anyway!

Lately, I’ve been “hearing” the phrase “Do it anyway!” in my head (and on my heart). It’s now been 170 days since schools closed back in March. Of course, this was followed by MONTHS at home in social isolation. Summer seemed to open things back up to some extent, but social distancing is still being… Continue reading Do It Anyway!

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Our Life Well Lived

You see this photo? In all it’s dusty glory this little logo represents so, so many important things in my life right now. Our Life Well Lived - Leanne Hintz is a Facebook page ( and a website ( It is a goal, something for me and my family to work towards every day …… Continue reading Our Life Well Lived