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The Myth

I woke up this morning to this question on FB Messenger … Hey, I really don’t know who else to ask. How do you balance kids, work, life, etc.? I’ve been struggling lately with balancing everything, and I think I’m failing at it all. Lol. First, I am confronted with feelings of gratitude that she… Continue reading The Myth



After listening to this ridiculously amazing podcast in which Greg McKeown is interviewed by Allie Casazza, I just have to share ONE thing VERY IMPORTANT thing that I learned. McKeown’s book Essentialism is subtitled “The disciplined pursuit of less.” Of course, if you haven’t noticed already, I’m a touch obsessed with “less” and in more… Continue reading Essentials


What I’m Reading (and Listening To) These Days

Today, I thought I would take a few minutes to share some of the books I’ve been working my way through in recent times. I apologize in advance if “self-help” and personal development aren’t of interest to you, since the majority of these books fall under that category … I LOVE learning about new ways… Continue reading What I’m Reading (and Listening To) These Days