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I Mourned

Last night, I mourned. I stepped away from my children for a few minutes and just cried. The apparent breaking point for me was the struggle I was having getting my one-year-old’s Minion pajamas on following her bath. She was having none of it, writhing in my arms as I wrestled first one leg, then… Continue reading I Mourned

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On Serving

Opportunities abound in our community to volunteer … countless boards, organizations, and fundraisers operate wholly on the efforts of those who SERVE. And, undoubtedly, many incredible programs, opportunities, and countless dollars have resulted from such efforts. Seemingly, people are taking Paul’s words in Philippians 2:4 to heart … “Don’t look out only for your own… Continue reading On Serving

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Because You Have Sisters

To My Three Beautiful Daughters Here is a little piece for you entitled "Because You Have Sisters." Because you have sisters, you have ... someone to lean on someone to play with someone to sing with someone to laugh with someone to snuggle with someone to dance with someone to bake with someone to sort… Continue reading Because You Have Sisters

Faith / Spirit, Weekly Reflections

I Miss the Sky

As we move through the season of Creation in our church, we are reminded each week of a different piece God’s handiwork. Yesterday was “sky Sunday” … and though the sky was a dismal shade of grey, the topic evoked all sorts of thinking about the skies here in this incredible place we call home.… Continue reading I Miss the Sky