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Sitting in the Sadness

Do you ever feel like wallowing in self-pity a little? Resting with your misery awhile? Sitting in the sadness? Focusing on your current unpleasant circumstance (and nothing else)? Fixing your eyes on your loss? Holding on to those unpleasant feelings?  Of resentment? Of inadequacy? Or maybe for you, it’s self-loathing or overwhelm? Sometimes, I do.… Continue reading Sitting in the Sadness

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What Does This Experience Make Possible?

Yesterday, I had to do something that was VERY uncomfortable for me ... I had to take our kitty “Oreo” to the vet ... he was hurt (possibly hit by a vehicle?) on Saturday. He spent Sunday mostly laying around, but he was still eating and seemed to still be enjoying his brother and sister’s… Continue reading What Does This Experience Make Possible?