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MAX-MIN-MOD ... this concept comes from Julie Morgenstern who I first “met” this week while listening to Dr. Robyn Silverman’s podcast, How to Talk to Kids About Anything.  MAX-MIN-MOD is a simple framework for perfectionists (like me) to use when considering a task or activity they want to complete or engage in. Using the MAX-MIN-MOD… Continue reading MAX-MIN-MOD

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Watercolour Word Art

We’ve also been busy creating these simple watercolour word art projects in the last couple of days ... This is Cambri’s future dog ❤️ I’m in love ❤️ When watercolours blend, the outcome is always unique and beautiful! Just like anything else, these can be totally customized with a name, a birthday, a favourite quote,… Continue reading Watercolour Word Art

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Flashback Friday: Finance To Do’s Worksheet

With a new year upon us, it just might be time for you to get your finances in order ... there's a lot to manage in this category sometimes and it can be hard to keep it all straight! I've definitely missed things over the years (and have literally had to "pay" for those mistakes).… Continue reading Flashback Friday: Finance To Do’s Worksheet

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Mackenzie’s Gift Wrapping Service

Mackenzie's newest service to the community is gift wrapping. Over the years, Mackenzie has been one of the “go-to” gift wrappers in our house. She takes her time to do a good job (even longer than I expect sometimes). She ensures her work is top-quality and likes to add special “extras” like ribbons, twine, or… Continue reading Mackenzie’s Gift Wrapping Service