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Wordwall is great for making (and finding) quizzes and activities for content courses! It is super user-friendly, and it has some cool themes too!  

Here’s the what the wild west “theme” looks like, for example:

So far, I have used a few already-created activities with students (there’s tons to choose from and they’re easily searchable here), but perhaps more importantly, I have created several customized activities now for my students to review content / concepts, including “quizzes” about: 

  • the diversity of living things (Science 6), 
  • heat and temperature (Science 7),  
  • and power and authority (Social Studies 7).  

I like to use these assessments WITH students, so we can talk about any misconceptions that pop up or they can “extend” their responses or “show their thinking” a bit more (if necessary). I can then also watch for evidence of “guessing” versus understanding (and know what they know personally without any help from others).  

For the diversity of living things review, I took my “tech-use” even further and got Chat GPT to help me generate some multiple-choice questions on the topic! Of course, this saved a ton of time and some brainpower! More on using Chat GPT for this sort of thing to come!  

To use Wordwall, all you need to do is create a free account. The basic membership allows you to make five interactive activities (for online use … no printables unfortunately) perfect for the classroom or an online environment. A basic membership is just $8 per month and allows for unlimited creations (that can also become printables as well).  

I can see how this small investment of $8 per month might be worth it in the future, especially for a site that is so easy to use!  

Fellow-teachers, I STRONGLY recommend that you check out Wordwall today!

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