Creative Corner

Animated Drawings

In my recent search for “new” and “fresh” and “fun,” I came across Animated Drawings. While my 12-year-old wasn’t too impressed with the animations, my youngest daughter (age 5) thought it was pretty cool that something she created “came to life.”

First, I prompted her to draw a picture of a person. Here’s her drawing:

Then came the “surprise.”

I simply took a picture of her drawing on my phone, used Safari to go to Animated Drawings, uploaded her photo, and followed the steps on the screen.

Within seconds, the girl Cambri created was waving, doing kicks, dancing, and flying around the screen.

Giggles ensued! And we dabbled with lots of different animations (she could click and make changes herself), eventually settling on a favourite (something with lots of funny karate kicks)!

Anyone can make this work! Using Animated Drawings is super slick! I promise!

We had lots of fun with this! And I hope you do too!

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