Student Writing

Multi-Paragraph Composition: Harley

Written by Mackenzie Hintz

There are 7.9 million dogs in Canada (source), and we got the best one. Let me introduce you to my dog, Harley. I’ll describe her physical appearance, share what makes her funny, and tell you about her fears. 

Harley looks like your typical Rottweiler. She has a black body with tiny brown eyebrows, which are very cute. Harley also has a thick, short, black nub that is very strong. She has dark brown eyebrows and a brown chest as well as four brown paws. Her front paws are brown up to her knee. Her back paws are brown almost all the way up. Right now, Harley has a black, white, and teal Aztec collar on. The collar has a teal buckle. It is also an adjustable strap, so you don’t have to worry about your dog growing out of it. Overall, Harley is a beautiful and strong Rottweiler that we all love. 

Harley makes us laugh a lot!Here are some things that are hilarious about her. Harley is quite dumb, and it is hilarious when dad and Madi pretend to throw something. Dad will pretend to throw something and Madi will pretend to catch it. It is so funny to watch because Harley will run back and forth trying to get what she thinks they’re throwing. Another cute thing about Harley is when she hides her toys under her chin. She will be calmly chewing her ball but the second anyone gets near her she will hide it under her chin. It is so cute! Harley’s recent reaction to Mom’s singing was hilarious! She followed her around until Mom started singing, and then when her voice got high, Harley sat down and tilted her head completely to the side. Mom and I couldn’t help but burst out laughing at how freaking cute it was. It’s amazing how expressive dogs can be, and Harley certainly knows how to steal the show with her reactions! Our dog is certainly one hilarious pup!  

Harley is only terrified of a couple things, and they are brooms, vacuums, and sleighs. Harley is terrified of brooms. If mom is sweeping, she WILL NOT come in the house. If Harley is already in the house, she will hide under the table. Harley is also scared of sleighs. If you are sliding down a hill, she will completely ignore you, but, the second you drop your sleigh she will come running straight at you. The last thing that strikes fear into Harley’s heart is Dad when he’s mad. If Dad starts stomping Harley will run straight to Mom. Harley knows that no matter what, we will always be there to comfort and protect her when she is terrified.  

In conclusion, our furry pets hold a special place in our hearts, and Harley is a very important part of our family. Though Harley, our funny and furry Rottweiler, is one of 7.9 million dogs in Canada, she has stolen our hearts with her hilarious behavior and adorable face. Harley is a very lucky dog, and we love her a lot. She may be scared of brooms, vacuums, and sleighs, but she is a mighty little dog. I am so glad Dad finally let us get a dog!

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