Student Writing

Multi-Paragraph Essay: Clog Comparison

Written by Jasper Belhumeur

Are you ready to witness a foam clog battle of epic proportions? Buckle up! Here are the three contenders – the “I can’t believe it’s not a shoe” Crocs Pollex Clog, the “I think these are just a dead alligator” Merrell Hydro Mocs, and the “I paid $300 for these and still have no idea why” Yeezy Foam Rnnr. In this essay, I will be examining and comparing the style, comfort, and cost of these three different foam clogs. Despite all being made of foam, each clog has its own unique design, features, and price point. By observing these factors, I can determine which foam clog is the most fashionable, comfortable, and cost-effective option for my first clog purchase. So, let’s dive in and see which one I’ll be adding to my collection. 

Let’s start with the Crocs Pollex Clog. In terms of appearance, the Crocs have the most shoe-like form, with the least number of holes. They have a fingerprint-like design and come in several colors. They also have a Velcro leather heel strap that adds a bit of style to the clogs. The Crocs have the softest foam of the three clogs, clocking in at 30-32 SA (the softness scale). They also have rubber on the bottom, which is a big grip and durability upgrade. However, the Crocs are the least breathable, and the heel strap may not be as comfortable with bare feet. The Crocs are on the expensive end of the clogs, clocking in at $100-$150 on the resale market. However, once you’re done with them, you can sell them back to a resale store. The Crocs are the softest and the grippiest, but they are the least breathable and expensive. 

Moving on to the Merrell Hydro Mocs. The Hydro Mocs are interesting in terms of appearance. They have a hole-filled, foot-molded design that looks unique but less stylish. The Hydro Mocs have the hardest foam of the three, clocking in at 34 SA. They should also be the best with bare feet. The Hydro Mocs are also the cheapest, clocking in at $75, but can easily be found on sale at around $30-$60. The Merrell Hydro Mocs are the cheapest and best with bare feet, but they’re the hardest and less stylish. 

Finally, we have the Yeezy Foam Rnnr (yes, Rnnr). The Foam Rnnr is strange, to say the least. The design is very alien. It’s like nothing I’ve ever seen, not quite in a good way. The Foam Rnnrs are slightly harder than the Crocs, clocking in at 30-35 SA, but the backs of the Foam Rnnrs may rub against bare feet. The Foam Rnnrs are on the INSANELY high end of the trio at a whopping $300; however, they can be purchased used. The Foam Rnnrs are kinda ugly (ok, they’re really ugly), expensive, and average in comfort. 

To sum up, the Crocs Pollex are nice and soft with rubber on the bottom, but steep in price and less breathable in the summer months. The Merrell Hydro Mocs are interesting in style, great in price, and fine in comfort. The Yeezy Foam Rnnrs are best described by this quote: “Well Maybe It Is Stupid But It’s Also Dumb”- Patrick Star. They are ugly and expensive and average in comfort. However, if you’re looking for attention you’ll certainly get it. Now, it’s time to reveal my choice! For me, the clear winner is the Crocs Pollex. I like them for several reasons: firstly, they come in my favourite colour; secondly, they have rubber on the bottom, like real sneakers; and thirdly, they’re the most comfortable option. Oh, and by the way, if you want to get the Crocs Pollex, make sure to buy them one full size up for the best fit. 

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