Student Writing

Why Smoky’s Fat

Written by Mackenzie Hintz

Today I will be telling you why Smoky is fat. Smoky was fat before Benny, Smoky’s owner, got him. He was so fat because he did not get rode a lot. All he did all day was eat. Another reason why Smoky is fat is because when Benny broke his wrist, he was not able to ride Smoky. Smoky kept eating and he wasn’t getting rode, so he got fatter and fatter. The final reason Smoky is fat is because he was getting oats. If you don’t know what oats are then … what kind of rock have been living under? Okay, but seriously, oats is a grain that people feed to horses in the winter. It helps give them energy and it also helps keeps them warm. Oats can also cause animals to get fat, like Smoky. They have just stopped giving Smoky oats in the hope that he won’t be as fat. Here are the reasons why Smoky is fat.

Now, the Chat GPT version (more to come on this “invention” … I’m still trying to wrap my head around it) … in short, Mackenzie asks Chat GPT to edit her piece for grammar and add a little humour.

Today, folks, we’re going to dive into the mystery of Smoky and why he is so fat.

Before Benny became Smoky’s owner, the poor pony was already quite plump. He was what you might call a “couch potato” of the equine world, with not much to do except eat all day. To make matters worse, when Benny broke his wrist and couldn’t ride, Smoky took it as an opportunity to eat even more, resulting in a slow but steady expansion of his waistline.

And let’s not forget about the oats. If you haven’t heard of oats before, well, I’m not sure what kind of underground bunker you’ve been living in. But to fill you in, oats are a grain that people feed to horses during the winter to keep them energized and warm. Unfortunately for Smoky, oats also have a tendency to pack on the pounds, which is why his owners decided to cut him off from the grain and hope for the best.

So there you have it, folks. The reasons why poor Smoky is carrying a bit of extra weight. But fear not, with some proper exercise and a healthy diet, he’ll be galloping his way back to fitness in no time!

*This second piece (in italics): drafted by Mackenzie and perfected by Chat GPT (Mackenzie’s words)

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