Student Writing

Camping in Nordegg

Written by Jasper Belhumeur, Grade 7

Last year, we were on a road trip. The itinerary was to go to Grandma and Grandpa’s (in Alberta), then to Nordegg (a small foothills town), then onto Jasper.  

But first back to Hudson Bay. We were going to leave Hiway (our little dog) with Nana and Papa, but at the last minute, Dad decided to bring him.  

Fast forward to Grandma’s and Grandpa’s. Everyone coming included: me, Mom, Dad, Benny, Abby, Gunnar, Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle Cory, Aunty Brandy, Abby’s friend (I forgot the name of), Hiway, Honey, Tucker, Rocky, and Amber.  

We all piled into vehicles. I rode with Gunnar, Benny, and Grandpa. When we got to Nordegg, we went to the campsite. It looked nice, but then we met the manager. The lady was a Karen, and she wouldn’t let us set up camp until 3:00. So, we set up camp in the middle of town. We hung out there for a while. We then went to a little shop to pass some time. The store was cool. It had a bunch of crystals and some vintage stuff. I bought a Coke bottle.  

Then we went to the campsite. Abby, her friend, Mom, Dad, Aunty, and Uncle were all sleeping in a separate campsite in tents, but the sites were really far apart. That made Grandma mad. We think that the campground Karen made it that way so nobody could party.  

Grandpa took us for a ride in his 50s Willis Jeep while everyone set up camp. Then the car battery wouldn’t work, so Grandpa had to boost us. Then we went on a bike ride. Apparently, Abby had gone on the trail before, but then she told us she didn’t know where it led, so we turned back.  

Also, Grandpa had brought some golf clubs from the 30s. He wanted to try playing golf. We were going to go to a lake together, so we decided on Goldeneye Lake. The lake was awful. The place was gravel and no sand. It was full of seaweed, and European people that didn’t speak English. We waited for the others, and there was no cell service to contact them. Eventually, we left.  

When we got back, we realized that the others went to Fish Lake, but at least Fish Lake looked better. Then we went to the Karen hut (the camp store). Grandma borrowed some magazines, and we got chocolate bars. The store was nice! They even had imported U.S. sodas like Mountain Dew Code Red, Cherry-Vanilla Coke, etc.  

During the night, we heard heavy metal music blasting.  

The next day, Abby’s friend had an awful headache from the Belhumeur/Rauckman/Wiltse Family. So, her, Aunty Brandy, and Abby drove back to drop her off.  

We wanted to go to the Brazeau Cole Mine, but when we went to the gas station, the guy said it had been closed for 5 years.  

Then we saw the heavy metal guy. He was driving a rusty red Volvo. Dad reported him to the camp Karen.  

Then we thought we would go swimming at Fish Lake for a swim. I forgot my swim shorts though, so Grandpa drove me back.  

Fish Lake was great. There was a mountain view and a hiking trail that led along the lake. It was kinda cold though!  

Then we went to Crescent Falls. It took forever to get to, but it was awesome. The waterfall was huge, and it looked very peaceful.  

Then we went into town. Benny was cranky at this point, so he went for a nap.  

There was a bike track in town, so we went in. It was cool. We rode on it for a while, but then it happened. My bike broke. We tried to repair it, but something was busted. This was bad because there wasn’t much else to do at the campsite than ride bikes. But then we found a solution – Abby’s friend left her bike there, and I could use it. By the time we got back, Abby was back.  

Mom wanted to make a fire; Grandpa said it was very dry, but Mom ignored him and stacked a ton on. To make things worse, Benny was chopping it like crazy. Then Mom’s fire just about caught the awning and the provincial forest on fire.  

Benny and Gunnar went for a walk. Shortly after, Gunnar came back, but there was no Benny. Gunnar claims Benny said he wanted to walk through the woods, and Gunnar said no, so Benny just stormed into the woods. Eventually, Benny just walked through into the campsite from the woods; he confirmed Gunnar’s story.  

We lounged around for a while and rode our bikes, but then Benny went missing again. Then Benny came back; he was biking in an area where he shouldn’t have, and he fell and scraped his knee.  

Next, it was Gunnar’s birthday party, so we had his party. Dad bought a party pack of coke, and Grandma brought out the cake. We got Gunnar a pocket knife for his birthday (he’s an odd child).  

Next, we were going swimming at Fish Lake; Benny stayed behind because he wanted to help Grandpa give a ride in his jeep to some rando. But then, the red Volvo guy drove by. Uncle Cory stopped him. He was very understanding (especially after Uncle Cory threatened him), but apparently, when Dad stopped him, he was rude and unpleasant.  

Fish Lake was fun; somebody even had a DJI Mavic drone! When we got back, we went up to the campsite and whittled. We would go to Jasper the next morning.

The night was awful; there was a mountain storm plowing through the area, and the tent people could hear the screams of red Volvo guy.  

When we got up, we realized we couldn’t go to Jasper, so we loaded up the cars and left for Grandma and Grandpa’s. I rode with Mom, Dad, and Abby. We got lunch then we went back to the crystal shop. Dad lectured the lady about rocks, then we headed to Grandma and Grandpa’s. The other vehicle had to wait at the sewage dumping place. Then Abby got a Crystal Pepsi, and it blew her mind.

When the others got to Grandma and Grandpa’s, we rode around on the lawn tractor (which Benny soon became the foreman of), and then watched Lampoon Vacation.  

It was the best/worst trip ever. 

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