Student Writing

My Birthday Experience

Written by Mackenzie Hintz

Last weekend, we went to Saskatoon for my birthday. We stayed at my aunty’s house. We left Friday at noon and got back on Saturday around 7. When we were in the city, we went to the mall, a trampoline park, and even a pool. Cambri, Mom, Ella, and I were the only ones who went. Madilyn was, unfortunately, unable to make it because she had hockey in The Pas. We had to come back Saturday night because Cambri had hockey in Carrot River on Sunday. Friday night we went swimming. The water slide was incredibly fun. After the pool, we went back to Aunty’s and went to bed. The next morning, we went to the mall, ate lunch, and then the trampoline park at 1. The trampoline park was pretty fun. It was just incredibly busy and a whole bunch of little kids kept getting in our way. The workers at the trampoline park were also extremely grumpy. Overall, it was a great weekend.

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