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Works-For-Me Wednesday: Dry Doggie Shampoo

I haven’t shared one of these “works-for-me Wednesday” posts for ages … but thought it might be fun to get back into it!

In the thick of our first winter with our dog coming in the house (she was to be an outside only dog), we’ve become a bit too familiar with a “stinky” dog.

A baby wipe just wasn’t doing the trick. Neither was the lavender dry shampoo. It was time for the next step! I was close to putting her in the tub and giving her a full on water bath, but the thought of it made me cringe …

With a quick google search, I discovered a fairly consistent dry shampoo recipe that used equal parts cornstarch and baking soda (with an optional couple drops of lavender essential oil).

It was worth a shot …

Thankfully, it worked!

It was a bit of an ordeal, of course, as the five of us tackled the beast in the kitchen with the powder formula and a curry comb, eventually chasing her around with the mini vacuum cleaner in an attempt to rid her (and the floor) of the excess white stuff!

She is, fortunately, a good sport about most things!

She’s definitely back to cuddle-able, which is just the way we want her!

If you’re interested in a fresh-smelling poochie or simply adding to the chaos of your family’s daily madness, consider giving your dog a mid-winter dry bath (in the kitchen, of course).

It worked for me!

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    div dir=”ltr”>You look so happy, Leanne, and loved by your pup.❤️

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