It’s Good for Me

Meet Harley …

She is our one-year-old Rottweiler. She’s been a part of our family now since March 2022.

She brings so much joy to each and every one of us every single day! From her facial expressions to the weird way she sleeps sometimes (on her back), from her obsession with people food to always pushing the carpet limits, she never ceases to humour and entertain us!

The last time I had a dog of my own was when I was a kid (so about 25 years ago now). I thank our oldest, Mackenzie, for the incessant pressure to get a dog over the years! My husband finally caved, and we now have the PERFECT Poochie (one of her countless nicknames)!

She is also the reason I get out and about EVERY SINGLE DAY (multiple times a day), regardless of the weather … these last few days have been more than a little nippy, but I get out anyway …

It’s good for her.

It’s good for me!

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