Student Writing


Written by Mackenzie Hintz – January 11, 2023

Hi, I am Mackenzie. I just got back from the long and very boring 6-hour trip to Estevan, because we were getting a new horse. We tried two horses and before deciding, we went out to lunch at Dairy Queen. We decided on a horse named Rhonda. Rhonda’s original name was Gladys, but we decided to change it to Rhonda. The reason we changed her name to Rhonda was because the person that we bought Rhonda from was named Rhonda, so we named her in honour of the person, Rhonda. Rhonda, the chill and predictable mare, is seven years old. She is about 15 hands high, and she is a lot faster than Cricket. She can do barrels, but she can also go into a western pleasure class. Rhonda can be slow but when she gets going, she is extremely fast. Rhonda is a mostly agreeable horse. She gets along well with every horse she has met so far. She is currently in a pen with Ginger, a crazy mare, and Millie, a cute little sorrel filly. We just got Rhonda so, I will ride her every chance I get.

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