Student Writing

My New Guitar

Written by Jasper Belhumeur, Grade 7 – December 22, 2022

My guitar, a Surf Green Pearl Squire Contemporary Active Jazzmaster, is awesome. Before I got my guitar, I needed to learn 5 chords: C, A, G, E, and D. I learned the chords superfast so, the next time we went to Saskatoon we went to the music stores. I had already looked at some online, but I needed to see how they played.

The first guitar I tried was a blue Contemporary Squire Strat. It sounded good, but the colors were too weird. We tried a few more, a Paranormal Jazzmaster, a Seafoam Green Strat, and a Red SG, but they all had problems. Finally, we found it, a Contemporary Active Squire Jazzmaster BUT, the color was Patrick Star pink. Although it sounded awesome, we did not buy it. The color was too horrible, so we left the first music store empty handed.

After we went to the car show, we went back out guitar hunting, this time at a bigger music store. When we walked into the guitar section, I saw three guitars that I liked: a white Gretsch thing that I didn’t know the name of, the same Squire Contemporary Strat, except it was orange sunburst, and finally a Squire Contemporary Active Jazzmaster in Surf Green Pearl. That was the obvious choice for me.

When the salesman came over and asked if we were looking for a good beginner guitar, we said yes.  He brought out a copycat Les Paul. It was nice and at a good price. I ended up choosing the Jazzmaster. We went to check out, but the guy said we couldn’t get financing. Apparently 20 years ago Dad missed payments, so he said we’ll have to go to the pawn shop and get a guitar there. In the meantime though, the salesman called his manager, and he cleared us.

I got my guitar!

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