Student Writing

All About Cricket

Written by Mackenzie Hintz – December 19, 2022

Hey ya’ll, today I am going to tell you all about my horse Cricket. Cricket, a food fanatic, is a 17-year-old quarter horse mare, so she is a little bit slow. She is 15 hands high, and she is a Chestnut (a brown horse). When we got Cricket, she was so fat. She is not fast at all, but she likes to think she is. She is made for western pleasure, but she also really likes jumping. Because she likes jumping so much, we do it all the time. When we got Cricket, she would not lope for anything. She has a best friend, and his name is Smoky. Smoky, the fat and furious white pony, is her BFF and, also, her punching bag. Cricket has been the best first horse ever and we have both come a long way in the past year.

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