Student Writing

A Cow’s Leg

Written by Mackenzie Hintz – December 13, 2022

So last Friday I went out to the farm, and we went to catch horses. We caught Cricket, the most unpredictable horse ever, and on the way back to the arena we noticed that her leg was really swollen. It looked like a cow’s leg. We took a picture and Mom sent it to Sandi. She said to call Dr. Deanna (our vet). So the vet had to come out to Sandi’s, because we could not get our trailer out of the snow. She told us to give Cricket some penicillin. Cricket’s leg was swollen, so we had to give her penicillin for three days. I, the person who hates needles, learnt how to give a horse a needle, even though I hated it. Although Cricket’s leg was swollen, I went to the farm yesterday and rode her.

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