Student Writing

My Airplane Experience 

 Written by Mackenzie Hintz – November 29, 2022

“That was so cool!” was what I said to mom after I got off the plane. I had just got back from a ride on a private airplane! Everything we saw looked like toys. When we drove over my Grandma’s farm, we really got a look at how big their farming operation really is. We drove over other farms and a feedlot. We drove over Prairie River, and we even considered flying over my dad’s hunting cabin, but it was a bit too far. Flying was so cool! We saw deer that looked like ants and we saw some little, tiny people. We even got to wear headsets so that we could talk to each other. Talking through the headsets was kind of funny because it took a minute to hear what the other people said. When we were flying, we were flying 200 feet above the ground.  

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