Our Favourite Sugar Scrub Recipe

With the colder weather upon us, we’re all starting to feel a little “dry” over here! We’ve got our humidifier up and running, but it’s also time for another batch of our favourite sugar scrub.

In our house, we have used this basic sugar scrub recipe for YEARS now …

We also like to add some Watkins vanilla or a few drops of our favourite essential oil (we tend to use something citrusy from Young Living Essential Oils).

If you melt the coconut oil in the microwave for 20-30 seconds, it is easy to just mix this scrub up by hand (no mixer required).

Transfer scrub to a container or pretty jar and keep it in the shower or next to the bathroom sink.

Massage over your skin, rinse, then follow up with your favourite moisturizer!

I learned many, many years ago that it’s important to get rid of dead and dry skin cells BEFORE trying to moisturize. This scrub works perfectly for this!

Happy scrubbing!

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