works-for-me wednesday

Works-for-Me Wednesday: Across the Room

It’s Works-For-Me Wednesday!

Here’s my works-for-me tip for this week …

For years, I was a “snoozer” … I would set my alarm nice and early, but hit “snooze” two, maybe three times before ACTUALLY rolling out of bed … I decided to kick this habit quite awhile back with a very simple trick … keeping my phone plugged in across the room …

As soon as I hear it, I have to physically get out of bed in order to shut it off and (hopefully) not disturb anyone else in the house … after all, my early morning alone time is extremely precious!

The hardest part of getting up in the morning is the ACTUAL getting up … but once I’m up, I’m up, and I’m good to go!

This is probably a pretty obvious “trick,” but it took me years to figure this out apparently … if you’re a snoozer and would like to get back the chunk of your life that you’re wasting “snoozing,” put your phone across the room!

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