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Burlap Banners!!!

Mackenzie and I have been dabbling with some banners in the last week or so!

Though I was thinking of creating something winter-ish, she thought it might be better to do “Love Y’all.”

There’s been a lot “y’all” talk around here lately for some reason (much to my husband’s dismay), so I went with it!

I did the letters for both of these banners by hand, since we’re still waiting for Mackenzie’s replacement Cricut machine. I’m not in love with the outcome, as I would like them to be more BOLD, but Mackenzie seems to think they are just fine the way they are ❤️

This “Faith” banner has a twofold meaning … a important reminder for us to have faith in all things, but also Mackenzie’s middle name ❤️

As with all of our creations lately, we would be happy to make you one (once our Cricut arrives). These are lovely additions to any home and can be totally customized to suit your preferences. They make great every day decor, but can also serve as special occasion “extras” (think birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers, and the like).

If Mackenzie does the work, 10% of her profits will go to a charity of her choosing each month.

If she doesn’t have time, and I do the creating, customers can donate an amount of their choosing to a charity of their choosing ❤️

Please email your orders to or shoot me a message via Messenger!

Thanks for giving our creative energies a purpose!

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