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My Scripture Sunday Plans for 2022

One of my creative projects for 2021 was creating a little “advice book” for my three daughters! At the beginning of the book, I give thanks to Shayna Hobman, who entered my life in late 2020, and was a pleasant and welcome addition throughout 2021, for the inspiration for this little project!

*Shayna is a Hudson Bay girl (like me), a mom of three girls (also like me), and an interior designer (here’s the link to her website if you’re interested in learning more about this amazing human).

But I digress … back to the point of this post … the “advice book” …

Some of the advice I provide in this little book is pretty basic like …

  • Only purchase Bandaid-brand bandages.
  • Hang up your towels to dry.
  • Flush the toilet (especially after #2)!
  • Try not to slurp your soup (or your hot chocolate)!
  • Don’t sniffle … grab a Kleenex and blow your nose!

A lot of my advice seemed to be about picking up after yourself or fulfilling your basic responsibilities (like showering regularly, combing your hair, and brushing your teeth) … frankly, my girls are all “works in progress” in these categories yet … apparently that’s normal???

But for most of the advice I provide, I tried to “ground” it in something a little “bigger” … and, really, what’s “bigger” than grounding it in scripture? And, maybe, just maybe, if the advice I provide is grounded in “something bigger,” my girls might take it just a little more seriously??? I can hope, right? Because, really, sometimes Moms just don’t know ANYTHING!

In 2022, the advice I provided for my girls in this little book will serve as the little pieces of wisdom I share with you all each week for “Scripture Sunday.”

I’m looking forward to serving you all in this way in 2022! Posts will include a printable each week so you can download, print, and post on the fridge (if you feel the nudge)!

I pray that these little pieces of God’s word serve you well each week!

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