January’s 21-Day Challenge

With the new year and a new month upon us, it’s time for our next 21-day challenge!

I’m not being two prescriptive this month. Instead, I hope you’ll just pick something to work on or commit to that’s important to you! Maybe a 22 in 2022 list would be a good idea … maybe it’s time to work on some “possibilities” or maybe you really need to make a change of some sort. Regardless of what you choose this month, I hope you know that I’m here rooting for you!

I’m not doing anything too crazy, just trying to ensure my “basics” are happening throughout the month … regular walks, drinking water, a tiny bit of strength training, and some stretching … I’m also committing to ACTUALLY styling my hair (instead of just tying it up every day) AND regular family updates with my mom and my brother. I’ll be using this habit tracker to stay on track! If YOU need a habit tracker, just let me know, I’d be happy to make you one!

As always, I will make a monetary contribution to an organization of some sort again this month! In 2021, the total donated because of these little challenges and a few other little initiatives was $3,994.48! I’m hoping for a similar outcome in 2022!

If you’re in, please sign up here! If you’ve already signed up, THANK YOU!!! Your participation means a lot to me!

All the best in January as you work towards more of who you want to be and what you want for your life!

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