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Though I used to be an avid goal setter and still am for SOME things (see SMART goals), in recent years, I’ve really struggled with the whole goal-setting thing … seemingly, I can pick something and stick with it for only 21 days at a time (which is why I generally host 21-day challenges) … my “been there, done that, what’s next” attitude really makes sticking with anything much longer than that a struggle … this, combined with significant “uncertainty” in recent years as we navigate our way through a pandemic, has prompted me to consider working in “possibilities” instead.

Weekend “possibilities.” Year-end “possibilities.” “Possible” adventures. “Possible” blog posts. “Possible” get-togethers. “Possible” community initiatives. “Possible” projects. “Possible” creative ventures. “Possible” household projects. 

Possibilities are just that … possibilities. Things that we COULD do … things that MIGHT happen (if things work out, and we decide to go ahead with something) … they don’t feel quite so restrictive … quite so binding … if they happen, they happen … if they don’t, we don’t have to beat ourselves up over it … after all, they aren’t firm commitments … they’re JUST “options” to consider … at least for now … 

Of course, this model doesn’t work for everything … there ARE some (or many) things we should fully commit ourselves to each day … like getting some fresh air, moving our bodies, brushing our teeth, and making ourselves presentable … but perhaps this “possibility model” could work for SOME things … like all the “extras” that bring meaning to our lives, because “when NOTHING is sure, EVERYTHING is possible” (Margaret Drabble). And, right now, it really feels like NOTHING is sure.

Here’s a Possibilities Worksheet for you (in case you find this idea intriguing and you’re ready to start drafting your lists):

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