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Our Life Well Lived: Day Planner

A few years ago, after trying several different day planners, I found that nothing was really meeting my needs. To solve this problem, I decided to create my own JUST the way that I wanted it.

My “musts” …

  • month-at-a-glance … this included a calendar, plus a blank page nearby for notes, plans, goals, things to remember, etc. specific to that month.
  • week-by-week view in two formats … one with times to create a time-specific schedule AND one with days of the week, but blank for notes and extra details specific to the day

Each year, I get my planner printed (double-sided) and bound on the left-hand side (the short-edge) … this way when I have it open on my desk, I see the two different month views side-by-side or the two different week views side-by-side.

I’ve really come to love this format! I will DEFINITELY continue to make these in the years to come!

Here’s the free download for the 2022 day planner … ***PRINTING TIP: Print double-sided, using flip on short edge (not the default, which is long edge) *** If you prefer a print copy, just get in touch with me (there may be a small printing and binding fee if you go this route though).

Traditional calendar view to record important events or activities on specific days.
This page left blank to write notes, plans, goals, things to remember, etc. specific to that month.
Weekly view with days of the week and times for scheduling events and activities.
Blank weekly view for daily notes and lists.

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