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A Few of My Thanksgiving Favourites

Thanksgiving is one of my favourite Canadian holidays. For most, it’s about the turkey and the pumpkin pie. For others, it’s the opportunity to gather with family and friends. While these things are great, I personally LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the opportunity to focus on giving thanks … the chance to count our many blessings …

I also love the chance to teach the little people in my life … my own children AND my students … to express gratitude … to give thanks …

Here are a few of my Thanksgiving favourites …

For my younger students, I used this simple Thanksgiving Story for Kids (*it’s a quick video). It provides one perspective of the origin of Thanksgiving. If I was in an actual classroom, this Thanksgiving Bracelet activity would be a great alternative.

This week, I’ve also been using these Gratitude Prompts with my students in our class meetings. It’s been a wonderful way of getting to know my students a little better!

These free printable I Spy Thanksgiving sheets are always fun (and a great way to spend time with your kiddos). Lots of opportunity to practice counting with younger kids!

Here are some pretty (but simple) Thanksgiving Colouring Pages. Colouring is another wonderful way to slow down and be present with your kids. As you colour this week, don’t forget to count your blessings!

I also really love this M & M Gratitude Game (*free printable without email sign up) or this Skittles Gratitude Game (*email sign up required to get the free printable) … a sweet treat, combined with a list of things we’re grateful for is sure to fill our hearts this Thanksgiving!

These Daily Gratitude Journal Prompts are great for showing kids (and adults) all the different KINDS of things we can be grateful for! The PDF includes a pattern to make an envelope for storing daily prompts. There are 30 prompts in all!

This is another lovely Gratitude Journal for kids … click here for a description and samples of the activity, and click here to go straight to the downloadable PDF.

If you’re looking for a quick gratitude one-pager, this worksheet is super! Kids (and adults) record things they are thankful for in between each “sun ray.” You could do one a day or a whole bunch at once!

Last year, we used one of the pumpkins we grew and a Sharpie marker to jot down things we were grateful for each day. The kids loved this (and so did I)!

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And there you have it … a few (or quite a few) of my Thanksgiving favourites … I can’t wait to see how our blessings stack up this week!

Be sure to give my latest post, Give Thanks, a read too to inspire you even further.

I truly hope these pieces serve you this week!

Happy Thanksgiving from our house to yours!

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