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Give Thanks

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, be sure to take some time this week to give thanks.

Aim to fix your eyes NOT on all the Thanksgiving preparations, but INSTEAD on your many blessings.

This week, cultivate a gratitude practice … grab a tiny notebook or whisper under your breath, again and again and again ALL that you are grateful for.

Give thanks for food. Give thanks for safe travels. Give thanks for an encouraging note (then write an encouraging note for someone else). Give thanks for smiles. Give thanks for connection. Give thanks for witnessing joy. Give thanks for kindness. Give thanks for excitement. Give thanks for eyes “lit up.” Give thanks for helpers. Give thanks for creation. Give thanks for the cute things little children say. Give thanks for good health. Give thanks for grandparents. Give thanks for teachers. Give thanks for good books.

The “give thanks” possibilities are seemingly endless. The potential benefits are equally boundless … a more joyful heart … a sense of peace in your soul … sustained contentment …

Count your blessings today … again and again throughout the day … then get up tomorrow and get counting again … doing so may change your heart … and changing your heart just might change your life … 

“Praise God from whom all blessings flow … direct, control, suggest, this day, all I design or do or say, that all my pow’rs, with all their might, in Thy sole glory may unite.” The Doxology (Source)

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