It’s Challenge Time Again!

It’s the first day of another month!

That means it’s time to set some intentions for the month!

Is it time for you to commit to a daily walk for 21 days?

Or no spending?

Is it time for you to get practicing something you want to get better at?

Or is it time to sit down and curl up with a good book for 15 minutes a day?

What you choose to focus on is ENTIRELY up to you! Just pick SOMETHING (and get going)!

I’m personally committed to a 15-minute outdoor walk each day for the next 21 days (this isn’t MUCH of a stretch for me as I walk most days anyway, but I’m recording it here for extra accountability). I’m also committing to 15-minutes a day practicing an instrument … we have a keyboard, a ukulele, and a guitar, and I actually really love tinkering on these (but never really take the time to do so).

If you’re ready to commit, here’s the form link to sign up. As always, I’m asking for a donation of your choosing to a charity of your choosing!

I would love to have you come along on this journey 🙂

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