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Scripture Sunday: A Time for Everything

It’s Scripture Sunday! 

On Scripture Sunday, I take a minute to share a piece of scripture. As it has spoken (and continues to speak) to me, I trust this sharing will serve you too …

I encourage you to take some time to ponder today’s verse … consider how these words from the bible might serve you today and into the week ahead …

What “season” are you in right now? What “time”? Is it time to cry or time to laugh? Is it time to scatter stones or gather stones? Is it time to embrace or is it time to turn away? Is it time to search or is it time to quit searching? Is it time to keep or is it time to throw away? To be quiet? To speak?

Of course, if you feel a “nudge” to share, comment below OR drop me an email ( 

We are all blessed through the sharing! 

Happy Sunday!

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