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It’s Time to Share: Con Espenant

In February 2021, still in the thick of a pandemic, I felt a nudge to invite people to share their stories … I felt a sense that we needed to learn from one another (despite our apparent disconnection with others and the world at the time) … we needed to HEAR people’s stories … to CELEBRATE … to TEACH … I wanted to provide an opportunity for people to SHARE what they’ve come to know … to impart their tiny bits of wisdom … with me … with the world …

Below, is but one of many stories I hope to share … if you’re interested in sharing your story, please reach out to me ( I would love the opportunity to serve you (and others) in this special way.

Interviewer: Leanne Hintz

Interviewee: Con Espenant

Date of Interview: April 12th, 2021

Leanne: Who are you?

Con: I am someone with many “hats” … truthfully, I am still trying to figure out who I am and what I should be doing. I have many “roles” … mother, wife, Nana, teacher, and the like … but, most importantly I am a child of God. I am made in the image of God. I am a work in progress … still constantly learning and growing. Each year it seems, I figure out or learn something new. 

Leanne: Looking back on your life, talk about some of the things you’re really proud of.

Con: I hope this isn’t interpreted in the wrong way, but I AM really proud of the kids I raised. I would never take all the credit, but they are really nice human beings, and I absolutely love spending time with them. We’re friends and are (finally) able to have adult conversations. Actually, maybe “proud” isn’t quite the right word … I’m THANKFUL for who my children have become.

I am also incredibly proud to be a Nana. I am so blessed that I get to help look after them. I consider it a real privilege. 

Finally, I am proud of the progress I’ve made considering where I came from. I feel like I was given an incredible chance at a rich and fulfilling life … and through it all, I’ve been faithful and disciplined … what God has given me, I’ve used for God … this really does mean the world to me.

Leanne: What advice would you like to pass along to someone else? 

Con: Now that I am in my early 50s and my kids are raised, I would advise others to take time and really enjoy the journey. Just play with your kids; don’t worry about having everything so organized, so rigid, so perfect.  

For someone going through a difficult time, I would want to give them a big hug. Tell them, “I’m sorry!” I would be frank and tell them, “I don’t understand.” But I would want them to know that I care, others care, and God cares … you are NOT alone! I would remind them of the footprints in the sand and to remember that when it appears you are alone and there is only one set of footprints, that is actually when God was carrying you. 

Leanne: If you could pick ONE thing in your life to “do over,” what would it be? Why?

Con: This might seem a bit odd, but the first “regret” I thought of was declawing one of our cats. We had just gotten new furniture and she was scratching at it, but once we removed her claws, it left her defenceless and it really changed her character … I would never do that again.

On a more serious note, I would try to be more “flexible” as a mother … a little bit more “go with the flow” … just be present and enjoy the journey a bit more instead of focusing so much on our schedule or chores that had to be done. I was always a big advocate of “work first and play later” or doing things “my way” … but looking back, that wasn’t always necessary … 

It would be great if we could parent the way we grandparent, but I don’t really think that is possible.

Leanne: I still really want to … (list as many things as you like) … 

Con: Travel and explore, read amazing books, continue to connect with friends, continue to have a positive impact on others’ lives. I want to continue to enjoy lots of adventures with my husband. 

I am living in light of eternity … all of my decisions and the way I live impact the future … God is here and present and watching and seeing what we are doing … I want to embrace life with excitement everyday and continue being active!

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