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Take Time to Revel

Today’s post is being crafted to emphasize the value of taking a few minutes to reflect upon and savour some of our experiences! 

Obviously, that’s part of the reason for this blog! AND I LOVE to write … 

Maybe a blog isn’t for you (or maybe it is and you should go start one … I’d be happy to help you get started), but I truly hope that celebrating, reflecting, and savouring ARE for you!

Even a simple bulleted list in a journal or a quick post on social media can serve us … anything really … as long as we’re taking the time to find the joy in our experiences … to REVEL in their significance.

Before focusing on what’s next (as I am prone to do), let’s be sure to just stop and savour WHAT IS … WHAT WAS … 

Here’s my “simple bulleted list” crafted in the Notes app on my phone on the way home from our recent adventure up to Jan Lake …

Jan Lake 2021 Highlights

  • cousins helping cousins
  • big girls helping with supper
  • kids gathered around the picnic table at meal time
  • plenty of yummy food
  • mini kayak fun … Cambri being Heidi’s “splashy motor”
  • tons of off the dock swimming
  • minnow hunting
  • water skiing ducks
  • Cambri trying to pee like Russell
  • lots of “fishing” for Cambri from Dad’s boat
  • The Game of Life with Aunty Ashley x 2
  • countless games of Spot It
  • early mornings
  • a couple rounds of Headbandz
  • a Ted Harrison painting project on the front deck
  • many great games of “Where’s …?” with William (and he would point to whoever we said)
  • one trip to the “far park” (with no slide)
  • monkey bar fun 
  • a slower fishing year (brought home our limit of jack, but we ended up being short on walleye)
  • a week of beautiful weather (but some smoke too)
  • Team Hintz photo shoot went off without a hitch!
  • Cambri getting carsick and a detour that added an extra hour or so (there was a forest fire north of Smeaton) made for a long trip home! 

Is there some adventure you’ve experienced lately? A camping trip? A weekend in the city? A special celebration? A road trip?

Is it time to take a minute to sit and savour what was? Take the time today! Make the list! 


“… so I commend the enjoyment of life, because there is nothing better for a person under the sun than to eat and drink and be glad” (Ecclesiastes 8:15).

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