Household Projects, Managing Anxiety & Overwhelm

Chore Lists

In the spirit of making lists (one of my recent posts) and the kids wanting to earn some extra cash for chores, I polished up our chore lists again recently.

Chore categories include:

  • Daily Chores
  • As Needed (Every Couple of Days)
  • Once a Week
  • Every Second Week
  • Hired Help
  • Once a Month

I also added a bit of a list at the bottom of chores that need to be done a couple of times a year (like pulling out the fridge and stove) or quarterly (like decluttering clothes and toys, for example).

I definitely find it all a little much and secretly wish I had a personal assistant to take care of all (or at least most) of the things on our chore list … cleaning DOES tend to put me in a foul mood after awhile despite my best efforts to “make the best of it” … not to mention, the fact that things NEVER seem to stay clean for long …

I DO have hired help a couple of times per week, so I AM grateful for that, and my kids (and my husband) do a decent job of helping when I ask!

To give you a hand with making your own Chore List(s), I’ve created a couple of worksheets for you all. The first two pages are blank for you, and the last two pages include examples to help you out!

Here are the worksheets in PDF format …

If you prefer to work in Google Docs instead, you can use this link, make a copy of the file and edit away at your convenience!

In Robert J. Morgan’s book, Mastering Life Before It’s Too Late, he emphasizes WHY we crave an organized life. It’s because our Creator is organized in His very nature, and He has built efficient organizational structures and systems into all He has done. When we’re disorganized and confused, we’re operating counter to how God made us. Living in a bright and well-kept environment lifts our spirits and self-esteem. We feel better about ourselves when we keep an orderly work surface and live simply and neatly.”

Powerful words … and they definitely speak to my incessant yearning for “order” … I’m off to clean the bathroom now!

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