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Event Planning Worksheet

In the last week or so, I’ve been planning A LOT of events, namely birthday celebrations for my newest eight-year-old. We hosted a friend party one day, a family party another day, and then a last-minute birthday party at our local Regional Park on the day of her ACTUAL birthday … 

Planning these events actually takes quite a bit of organization and “orchestrating” … thankfully, this IS something that I do really love to do … I love making things nice for people … and I love hosting … 

But it CAN all get a little overwhelming without a plan … for birthday parties, this means sitting down with the birthday girl and asking her who and when and what she wants (writing it all down, of course). Naturally, I always have my own little “extras” that I want to add too. And there’s “mom stuff” to consider as well (like making sure spaces are clean before we use them). 

A couple days ago, I finally sat down and created an event planning worksheet for myself (and for all of you too)! I KNOW this is something I will use again and again. 

It simplifies the planning process AND it makes it clear to EVERYONE what needs to get done. My kids are great helpers, but they don’t always know WHAT needs to be done. This way, we ALL have a list to reference, and they can contribute accordingly! 

The last celebration (using this worksheet) went off without a “hitch” BECAUSE of some careful planning (and ACTUALLY referencing the list to ensure that nothing was forgotten)! 

Here’s the download:

I truly hope this little worksheet serves you well!

Happy planning!

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