June’s 21-Day Challenge

In an effort to get a little more intentional each day BEFORE really getting into summer mode over here, I’ve designed a “Choice Board” for us all … beginning June 1st, 2021, I invite you to choose one activity from the board per day to complete for twenty-one days.

With 30 choices, there is something for everyone and there’s lots of flexibility built in! Some tasks are simple like “take a nap” or “sit and read for 15-minutes,” while some tasks are a little harder, like getting your “Finance To Do’s Worksheet set up” or considering what you want your story to be … some tasks are fun, like “calling a friend or family member” or scheduling “happiness” …  and some tasks force us out of our comfort zones like “15 QUIET minutes ALONE” or a “No Social Media Day!” I encourage you to try a VARIETY of activities this month, knowing you’re committing to a 15-minute “task” each day!

As usual, I will be asking participants to commit a dollar amount of their choosing to a charity of their choosing along with their participation this month (whatever you can afford is enough) … for interest’s sake, $2,550 has been donated to various charities so far in 2021 as a result of these initiatives! I will also be encouraging you to stay accountable by posting regularly in my 21-Day Challenge Facebook Group or shooting me a daily message.

I’m definitely looking forward to “spicing things up” in June in this fun, fun way! I really hope you’ll join me!

If you’re in, please sign up here!

Then be sure to print your copy of the the 21-day challenge choice board (link below)!

June 1st really can’t come soon enough! I’m super stoked for this one!

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